Monday, February 11, 2019

Lost edge study in merging light values

lost edge study in merging light values Feb-8-2019

I'm glad to be done with fence posts for the time being! I had so much fun following this lesson on lost edges. This series explores different ways to approach the lost edge, and the first one is by merging light values. For the most part I attempted to copy the choices Dianne makes in the video lesson, but the colors in mine are more intense.

I learned that since we're merging light shapes, the value of the background (negative space) really has an impact on the value overall — the darker the negative shapes, the darker the light family became, and therefore the darker the shadow family got.

On this one I used synthetic flat brushes to get a smoother blending effect, as well as some medium to help the oil paint flow better. I love this limited color palette made up of transparent earth red, viridian, and cad yellow light.

The subtleties and liveliness of varied edges is really speaking to me — I'm excited for the next study.