Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Art journal play: Brushstrokes

art journal entry - brushstrokes - Feb-3-2019
Art journal prompt: Brushstrokes

The Day 13 creative prompt was Brushstrokes. This is actually the second one I did for this theme. For the first one I used watercolor in a mixed media sketchbook, and I'm too spoiled by nice watercolor paper to like how that one turned out. But the concept was good — I had in mind the image of some fall leaves against a dark tree trunk — so I did another version with acrylic. I also switched from a small flat brush to a relatively stiff, medium sized filbert.

The asymmetry of the strokes contributes to a real sense of movement on the page that I like. I focused the most intense colors, most detail, and highest contrast around the focal point. And I enjoyed letting the brush shape form the texture and character of it instead of filling in shapes with paint.